VIOP or Forex? What are the differences and similarities between Forex and VIOP?

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Recently, question marks have begun to form in the minds of investors at the more lucrative point of whether viop or forex as an investment option. Because although there seem to be similarities between forex and VIOP, there are differences. For this reason, VIOP or Forex questions are often asked to my side at the point of which one is preferred.

I also want to make definitions with the differences and similarities between forex and viop, which are often asked about the two most preferred markets in my article. In this way, you can learn about the markets and make a healthier assessment of Forex or VIOP. Let’s start with what is viop.

What is VIOP?

Viop is the name given to the investment market where futures contracts are traded, called the futures and options market. It can also be defined as the place where futures and options contracts arranged on capital market instruments are bought and sold. Viop allows the purchase and sale of goods determined by futures contracts at the price determined on the determined later date. Viop Borsa offers services in Istanbul. As of August 5, 2013, All futures and options contracts have been aggregated under the name Viop.

Viop operated as a private stock exchange before entering the stock exchange. After that, a general-centered transaction began to be made. Contract codes are used for separate definitions of contracts traded in viop. These codes, on the other hand, vary depending on the type of asset, date and type of contract. Here, as in the Forex, you can open a position in both the direction of Rise and fall. It provides investors with opportunities such as arbitrage, hedging, and benefiting from speculation. Viop is a leveraged market and is therefore likened to forex. In this article, we will talk about similar and different aspects of Forex.

What Is Forex Trading?

What Is Forex Trading? Forex is a global large market in which investment transactions are made by taking advantage of the amount of exchange between the currency of one country and the currency of other countries. Forex gathers all investors in the world under one roof and can be traded 5 days and 24 hours a day. Variable leverage ratios are also used in investments. It is the largest and most developed market in the world. At the same time, the Forex market is the market with the highest trading volume in the world. That is why it is one of the most preferred markets by investors. We use brokerage firms to trade in the Forex market. These brokerage firms will allow us to learn how to trade in the Forex market and how to gain experience. For this, it is worth choosing a reliable and licensed brokerage firm.

In this market, prices change instantly. So it is almost impossible to manipulate prices in Forex. Forex trading volume is increasing day by day with participation in our country and around the world. Foreign exchange prices in the Forex market vary depending on supply and demand. With Forex, which allows you to buy or sell currencies at instant prices, you can profit from both rises and falls in foreign exchange prices. In addition, all questions you are interested in about forex can be found on my Forex information page.

Forex or VIOP?
The question of whether Forex or Viop should be preferred has recently left investors in a dilemma. Both the Forex market and the Viop market have advantages as well as disadvantages. Some investors prefer Viop to Forex and others. The decision on this is entirely up to the investor.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of investors who remain undecided between the two, let me explain what are the similarities and differences between viop and forex.

What are the similarities between Viop and Forex?
There are some similarities between Forex and VIOP. These similarities confuse investors. Some of the things that happen in Forex are in Viop, wondering if we should trade in Viop. But without these similarities, there would be no logical explanation for preferring viop to forex. Let’s look at these similarities.

Leverage System
The leverage system is a big advantage for the investor to be able to fold their investment, and the leverage system exists in both markets. In these two markets, we can trade with the leverage ratios offered by the brokerage firm with which we have agreed. Already having a leverage system is the most important feature that distinguishes these markets from other markets. The leverage ratio can start from 1:1 on the Forex market and go up to 1:1000. In viop, there is a lever system that starts from 1:1 and goes up to 1:25. From this, we also understand that the Forex market has a wider range in terms of leverage ratios than the Viop market. This opportunity is a great advantage for the investor. Investors should also consider this factor when making decisions.

Bidirectional Operations
There are two-way transactions in both markets. With the help of two-way transactions, profit can be achieved both when prices increase and when there is a decrease. For example, when gold prices fall, we can order to buy gold, and when it rises, we can order to sell gold. In this way, we take positions in two-way movements and make a profit.

Lack of physical purchase and sale
Financial products bought and sold in the Forex and Viop market are not physical products. In these markets, products are taken and profit or loss is obtained from changes in prices. Contracts that are the subject of products traded in the Viop market can also be bought and sold. For this reason, there is no such situation as physical buying and selling in both markets.

The variety of products to be invested in the Forex market is quite large. In viop, this diversity increases over time. Especially after the start of trading on foreign exchange and indices, products such as stocks and commodities can also be traded. But Forex is much richer in terms of investment instruments and is the main reason why Forex is more preferred.

What are the differences between Forex and Viop?
There are many differences between the Forex and Viop market. These differences are due to the characteristics of the markets themselves. These features also attract investor attention. We can list the differences between Forex and Viop market as follows:

We need to open an account to trade in both markets. There is also a minimum deposit amount that we must deposit in order to start transactions. In these two markets, the minimum collateral rates differ and differ from firm to firm, from account to account to be opened. But at Viop, the minimum collateral rates are quite high and start at £ 20,000. Abroad, Forex accounts can be opened up to $ 5, while domestically it is about $ 50,000. Forex minimum deposit amount I recommend reading my article in more detail.

Market Structures
One of the differences between Forex and Viop is market structures. Forex is known as an over-the-counter market, while Viop is known as a derivative market. Viop is affiliated with the Stock Exchange Istanbul and has no specific center of the Forex market. In Forex, transactions take place by various trading centers. There are also differences in terms of trading hours. Forex can be traded 5 days and 24 hours a day, while Viop has the opportunity to trade only when the markets are open during the day.

Daily Trading Volumes
Compared to daily trading volumes, Forex’s daily trading volume worldwide is about $ 6 trillion. That’s why it’s the biggest market in the world. In viop, the daily trading volume is about 45 billion pounds. And even in gold at Viop, liquidity is low. The moment you want to sell, you may have to wait a while. You can also miss significant price movements in the process. In some commodities, you may have to wait for days. Forex, on the other hand, has a lot of liquidity. From this, we also understand that the Forex market is 140 times larger than the Viop market. Selection decision belongs to you.

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